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Getting Talents under the new COMPASS: What do Companies Need to Know

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Come 1 Sept 2023, the new Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) will apply to new Employment Pass (EP) applications, while EP renewals will be assessed under COMPASS from 1 Sep 2024.

COMPASS is part of the Government’s initiative to attract quality foreign professionals that complement the existing needs of Singapore’s workforce. While it aims to provide a more transparent work pass framework to guide companies in bringing in high calibre professionals, businesses need to be prepared for the assessment factors.

Should companies face difficulties in meeting the qualifying conditions, alternative avenues are available for companies to get the talents they need.

What is COMPASS?

COMPASS is a points-based assessment of Employment Pass (EP) applications based on a set of individual and firm-related attributes.

To qualify, EP candidates must score at least 40 points under COMPASS.

How does the COMPASS scoring work?

EP applications are scored on the following four foundational criteria.

Additional points may be awarded under the bonus criteria if qualifying conditions are met.

However, candidates with fixed monthly salary of S$22,500 or more are exempted from COMPASS. In addition, small firms with fewer than 25 PMET employees score 10 points on C3 and C4 by default.

How to navigate the EP Application process?

Todate, the Ministry of Manpower has released details on the foundational criteria and bonus criteria to provide companies with better clarity of the EP application process.

In addition, a Workforce Insights tool is available to enable firms to get information on their company’s performance on firm-related attributes. A Self-Assessment Tool has also been released in August 2023 to enable applicants to attain a COMPASS score and an indicative outcome for each EP application.

Before submission of EP applications and renewals, companies are encouraged to access the MOM website and MyMOM Portal ( to assess how their EP application will fare.

Other Avenues Companies Can Tap on to Get the Talents Required

Despite the tools and guidelines available, meeting the 6 criteria in the new COMPASS framework can be challenging, particularly when resources are limited and companies do not have a full HR team.

In such cases, companies may work with well-established recruiters to secure the needed talents through contract staffing, payroll outsourcing and EP/SP Services.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is an expedient method that allows companies to hire the finest talents from almost any country, without being bound by headcount issues and with minimal administrative requirements.

In recent years, contracting has become a highly attractive work arrangement, and a large pool of highly qualified contractors is now available, allowing companies in any industry to hire based on skill set required, tasks to be accomplished, business needs, project requirements, and even for specialist roles.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing is a cost-effective option for companies of any scale to meet business exigencies and maintain lean company operations. Talents may be sourced by the hiring company, and placed under the payroll of the recruiting agency, while being outsourced to the hiring company for the work to be carried out.

EP/SP Manpower Services

When hiring foreign talents, utilising EP/SP Manpower Services ensures that the recruitment process is not hindered by administrative requirements and cumbersome procedures.

All necessary documentation, insurance, security bond, medical screening are efficiently taken care of so companies may focus on their higher value business needs.

Whether you’re looking for talents for a fixed term project or over a longer term, ACHIEVE has been providing flexible yet customisable solutions that fit business needs.

We have a large number of qualified candidates for job functions across industries and verticals, and are available at short notice. We can assist you in bringing onboard candidates you have shortlisted as well.

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