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24 October 2011 Posted by achieve-admin

Towards A Better Life For All

What should ‘inclusive growth’ mean in the Singapore context? What specific measures should the government, and the private sector adopt to ensure a better life for all in a growing economy? I BELIEVE that there is a price to pay for wanting to forge a “caring” society. Businesses are about optimising productivity, so I believe […]


23 October 2011 Posted by achieve-admin

Why Sexychick Won’t Get The Job

Young people are too casual about their resumes, using inappropriate e-mail addresses or photographs Jobhunters, here is a tip: It is not a good idea to use an e-mail address such as in your resume. Neither is it the smartest thing to submit a photograph of yourself posed in a cutesy manner, or grabbed […]

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14 October 2011 Posted by achieve-admin

A silver line in starting over – birth of a recruitment agency

The Business Times, 14 Oct 2011 Having weathered two economic crises and nearly going bankrupt, ACHIEVE Group’s Joshua Yim – a former Entrepreneur of the Year – has now set his sights on growing the group’s revenue to $100 million by 2020, reports IDAYU SUPARTO BEING in the human resource (HR) industry, Joshua Yim knows […]

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11 October 2011 Posted by achieve-admin


Sheryl Crow once sang, a change would do you good. When it comes to work, this holds true – whether it’s moving within the same company, or transforming your career. By Marcia Dragon The average person can expect to change jobs several times in their lifetime – generally, it’s unrealistic to expect a role that […]


10 October 2011 Posted by achieve-admin

Finding Jobs For Others – Fulfilment of a Recruitment Consultant

If you enjoy helping others succeed and building relationships, a career as a recruitment consultant may be right for you. A RECRUITMENT Consultant’s job entails searching for the right candidates and matching them to temporary or permanent position jobs with client companies. These jobs may vary from entry-level roles to senior management positions. You would […]

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10 October 2011 Posted by achieve-admin

Investing In Growth

This week’s topic: To what extent has the presence of government or government-funded venture capital (VC) bodies helped in the development of the local VC industry? Going forward, what needs to be done to build up Singapore’s VC industry, and should this include the presence of governmentVC firms? To help develop the VC industry, the […]