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23 August 2012 Posted by achieve-admin

Achieve Group Superheroes Night 2012

Achieve Group’s annual Dinner & Dance was turned into a convention for superheroes (and villains!) as our sporting staff dressed up for the theme ‘Where Heroes Meet’. Held on 18 August 2012 at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, we had tons of fun as a bevy of larger than life characters showed up including Superman, Incredible […]

15 August 2012 Posted by achieve-admin

Two-Thirds Of Bosses Plan To Freeze Hiring In H2 – Perspective of a Recruitment Agency

Employers have become more cautious in hiring in the second half of the year, with two in three planning to freeze recruitment altogether, according to a survey by local recruitment firm Achieve Group. For those who still need workers – 32 per cent of those surveyed – most are taking in only small numbers. This […]

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15 August 2012 Posted by achieve-admin

6 In 10 Companies To Freeze Wage Hike

While those intending to increase staff salaries plan a measly 3% raise. According to Achieve Group’s Hiring Trends Report 2H12 which 58% of companies indicated that there would be ‘No change’ in staff salaries. 22% of companies intend to increase staff salaries by ‘Up to 3%’ while 18% of those surveyed plan to hike wages […]


14 August 2012 Posted by achieve-admin

Most Companies Intend To Freeze Hiring – Report on Recruitment Agencies

SINGAPORE: A survey of 450 company executives on hiring trends for the second half of this year showed that the majority of respondents (66 per cent) intend to freeze hiring between July to December 2012. The same survey also shows that 32 per cent plan to hire more staff while 2 per cent plan to […]

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14 August 2012 Posted by achieve-admin

Company Bosses Complain Singaporeans Too Choosy On Jobs

1 in 2 companies claim Singaporeans are choosy when it comes to work. According to Achieve Group’s Hiring Trends Report 2012, there has been much debate on the hiring of foreign talent instead of Singaporeans ever since the hot button issue surfaced during the General Elections in 2011. The government has since implemented a number […]

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