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Talent Acquisition

Having established ourselves in the industry as a leading recruitment services provider, our Talent Acquisition entity focuses on the following specific areas that cut across various industries and a wide range of services: General Placement, Technology Recruitment, Executive Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Payroll Outsourcing and Outplacement / Career Transition Service.

1) General Placement

Our General Placement Consultants individually specializes in their own industry provides fully integrated manpower services such as permanent, contract and temporary placements. Our group of Consultants covers a wide spectrum of 22-industry specializations, which allow us to tap to various network and be able to seek suitable candidates for your company. With a meticulous approach, we are able to secure candidates with the right skill sets and experience best suited for those clients with a unique required expectation.

2) Technology Recruitment

With a strong team of experienced Consultants, our Technology Recruitment Consultants are able to match-make talented IT professionals and Engineers in accordance to their relevant experience and skills to our Clients. Our team is able to field qualified candidates at good timely fashion in order to ensure we can fulfil your requisite.

3) Executive Search

Our Executive Search Consultants provides high-calibre and suitably qualified candidates to fill niche and senior executive to C-level positions through a very targeted, rigorous and methodical process that includes extensive networking and systematic headhunting. We match champions with the right corporate chemistry, with pinpoint precision.

4) Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

With at least two decades of experience being in the recruitment industry, ACHIEVE Group can truly be trusted and be relied upon if you require a strategic solution for modern talent acquisition challenges. With the ever-changing workforce dynamics, our team can provide a more customized, tailored solution cater to your needs and requirements. Our RPO personnel are assigned to work in-house at our Client’s or off-site premises, and manage the entire recruitment process.

5) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / Managed Service

With the convergence of globalization and rampant innovation in technology, Business Process Outsourcing has been considered one of many options businesses have relied upon to evolve. Our team have the capability to provide a well-crafted business process outsourcing solution with the focus of ensuring resources and processes are carefully planned out in order to integrate seamlessly well into your company’s culture and environment. The tailored blend that can be well suited for any Corporate Clients.

6) Payroll Outsourcing

In order to keep your company operations lean and agile, our Payroll Outsourcing Services can be a great option to meet short term demand for manpower and business exigencies. We have sound payroll solutions which can best cater to your ever-changing needs. Our company have served Clients ranges from established MNCs, start-ups SMEs, mid-size firms to even Government Statutory Board agencies. We can be relied upon to deliver results.

7) Outplacement / Career Transition Service

In times of corporate uncertainty or due to strategic decision, the provision of outplacement support can make tremendous difference to an individual’s job search success. Our Outplacement Services  are able to provide redundancy support for such individuals. We are specialized in helping employees job search following a layoff or job loss, provide job leads with interview coaching, follow-up counselling and advice.


Industry Specialization

Below are the 22 industries our Consultants are specialized in:

  • Advertising / Media / Communication / PR / Marketing research
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Architecture / Building & Construction / Infrastructure
  • Automotive
  • Banking / Financial Services / Insurance / Risk Management
  • Business & Professional Services / Audit & Accounting / Legal
  • Chemical / Petrochemical
  • Commodities & Food / Process Automation / Wood & Paper
  • Education / Training Services
  • Electrical & Electronics / Semiconductor
  • Energy / Utilities / Environmental
  • FMCG / Retail / Leisure & Recreation / Entertainment / Sports
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Heavy Industry / Shipbuilding
  • Hotel / Travel / Tourism / Food & Beverage / MICE
  • Information Technology / Telecommunication / eCommerce
  • Logistics & Supply Chain / Transportation / Shipping
  • Manufacturing & Production / Precision Engineering
  • Oil & Gas / Offshore Marine
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Equipment / Life Science / Biotech
  • Property Developer & Real Estate Management / Facilities Management