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Our efforts in helping companies, candidates and consultants realise their goals and aspirations are widely recognised. We are regularly featured in media platforms such as Channel NewsAsia, The Straits Times, The Business Times, HRM and Human Resources magazine in Singapore.

Over the years, we have been honoured with a number of prestigious awards; the most recent being the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2020/21. In 2022, we are privileged to be recognised as a Human Capital Partner and a member of IMSA Search Global Partners.

Awards & Recognition

In our 30th year of business, we were honoured as a winner in the Heritage Brands category. This momentous win was a mark of recognition of our commitment to digitalisation and innovation, and a testament to our resilience.

In 2022, we were endorsed as a Human Capital Partner in recognition of our progressive human capital development practices and commitment to a strong Singaporean core in the local workforce.

Since Q12022, Achieve is recognised as IMSA Singapore, a partner of the IMSA Search Global Partners, an international alliance dedicated to executive search and selection of the best C-level professionals.

Enterprise 50 Award 2011

As one of the most prestigious awards for Singapore enterprises, we are proud to be recognised for our business achievements and contributions to the economic development of Singapore.

ASEAN Business Award 2011

We were honored as the first Runner-Up in the SME category, in recognition of our contribution to the ASEAN economy and achievements in Growth, Employment, Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2010

Our CEO, Joshua Yim, clinched the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in recognition of his tenacity as a business leader in developing a successful business within the Asia Pacific region.

Spirit of Enterprise Award 2011

Presented to our CEO Joshua Yim for his entrepreneurial spirit, this Award recognises entrepreneurs who have shown resilience and tenacity in building up their businesses.

Singapore Prestige Brand Award

An award that recognises Singapore brands, we were honoured to be recognised as an Established Brand that has developed effectively through various branding initiatives.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009

Our CEO was presented with this prestigious Award which honours successful entrepreneurs who have steered their businesses with leadership, courage, perseverance and business foresight.

HR Vendors of the Year 2012 & 2014

An annual award by Human Resources magazine, Achieve Group ranked 7th in the ‘Preferred Recruitment Firms’ category in 2012. In 2014, we climbed in ranking to achieve the 6th place in the ‘Preferred Overall Recruitment Firms’ category.