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Company Bosses Complain Singaporeans Too Choosy On Jobs

1 in 2 companies claim Singaporeans are choosy when it comes to work.

According to Achieve Group’s Hiring Trends Report 2012, there has been much debate on the hiring of foreign talent instead of Singaporeans ever since the hot button issue surfaced during the General Elections in 2011. The government has since implemented a number of measures aimed at reducing the number of foreigners that companies can hire in order to encourage them to hire Singaporeans instead.

Here’s more from Hiring Trends Report 2012:

In total, 236 companies reported difficulty in finding Singaporeans to fill positions. There were three main reasons for their predicament:

More importantly, the report polled companies on the impact this talent crunch is having on their recruitment and human resource strategies– and what organisations are doing to address this issue. All the firms surveyed were given three workforce solutions to choose from and these are the findings:

Source: Singapore Business Review, 14 Aug 2012