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How Will Rising Rentals Impact on Expats?

Since 2022, rising rental rates in Singapore have been impacting the expat community, with many contemplating or planning to leave for nearby cities. Joshua Yim, CEO of ACHIEVE Group, shared in features by #TodayOnline , #ALJAZEERA and #REUTERS, an estimated two to three out of 10 expats are leaving Singapore and this is a growing concern given the international competition for global talents. 

Companies, however,  may not be able to offer packages and housing allowances as in the past. To mitigate this situation, companies are increasingly offering remote working options for white-collar workers; some are relocating their staff to cheaper cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok to retain their talent and having their staff fly to Singapore when necessary. In the long term, this could well be an expedient option for MNCs to retain their global talents.

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