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Top 5 In-Demand Tech Skills Jobs In 2023

The past year has been a wild ride for tech. Relentless layoffs and hiring freeze in tech giants have been bringing on waves of uncertainty. But the extraordinary rise of ChatGPT since early 2023, and the immense drive by tech firms for the next breakthrough in AI make it evident that no brakes are in sight in the tech scene.

This spells exciting opportunities for companies and tech talents. Cutting-edge technologies will continue emerging at rapid pace, particularly new applications capable of taking on tasks which require decision-making. Such technologies will not only be within the domain of tech firms, but they will also proliferate across industries, particularly in the healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, property and gaming sectors.

This means employers will be on the constant look out for tech candidates who can develop and implement emerging technologies. They will also require talents who can build applications that help them stay ahead of business needs.

In 2023 and beyond, we envisage these as the top five most-in-demand tech skills jobs needed across industries.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Many new trends and technologies are emerging in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) space. Besides automating jobs, they have the potential to create numerous opportunities for tech talents and businesses, particularly in applications for industries ranging from healthcare, finance, retail and manufacturing.

Hot Areas in AI and ML: Democratisation of AI; Generative AI such as chatbots; Personalisation; Edge AI; Explainable AI; Predictive analytics; AI regulations, Integration of AI into robotics; Hyper Automation

AI Job Roles: AI Specialist, AI Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Robotic Scientist, Research Scientist, Data Scientist, Deep Learning Engineer


  1. Data Analytics

The amount of data generated by businesses is expected to grow. Not only will companies need professionals who can analyse data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions, analysts who have the ability to communicate in ways that are effective to businesses and stakeholders will be increasingly crucial.

Hot Areas in Data Analytics: Data democratisation; AI-powered data analytics; Data-as-a-service via cloud services; Real-time data; Data governance and regulation   

Data Analytics Job Roles: Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Architect, ETL Developer, Big Data Engineer, Data Analyst


  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming an integral part of many businesses. With the benefits it offers in scalability, flexibility and cost savings, cloud technologies and its applications will continue to grow, particularly in the areas of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), the metaverse, cloud gaming and even quantum computing.

Hot Areas in Cloud Computing: Cloud security and resilience; Multi-cloud utilisation; AI- and ML-powered cloud; Low-code and No-code cloud services; AWS; Azure

Cloud Computing Job Roles: Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Administrator, Cloud Security Analyst, Cloud Network Engineer, Cloud Automation Engineer, Cloud Consultant


  1. Full-Stack Development

Companies are increasingly utilising Full Stack Development services because of the business agility it offers. With applications becoming more complex, full stack developers will be in greater demand than ever, particularly full stack developers who are proficient in multiple technologies and project management. An area to watch out for is web and mobile app development, which will be driving full-stack developer demand.

Hot Areas in Full-Stack Development: Low code development; AI-powered development; Progressive web apps; Internet-of-Things solutions; Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality experiences

Full-Stack Development Job Roles: Full-stack Developer (Java/DotNet), Mobile Developer, Python Developer, Java Developer, UX/UI Designer, DotNet Developer


  1. Cybersecurity

With IT systems now at the centre of the day-to-day running of MNCs, SMEs, and even government agencies, cybersecurity plays an extremely crucial role in helping organisations safeguard their assets and protect from hacking attempts and cyber threats such as data breaches and malware. Going forward, the threat of cyber-attack is expected to continue to grow, and organisations will need skilled cybersecurity professionals to protect their networks and data.

Hot Areas in Cybersecurity: Internet-of-Things and cloud security; Work-from-home cybersecurity; Sponsored cyber attacks on businesses and governments; AI-powered cybersecurity; Cybersecurity awareness and training

Cybersecurity Job Roles: Security Analyst, Cybersecurity Consultant, Threat Analyst, Hunters, Security and Governance


In every one of the tech skills and jobs listed above, growth in career opportunities and professional development can be expected in the years ahead. However, with the current massive development in AI technologies and applications, tech talents cannot be proficient only in their respective field.

It is of vital importance for tech talents to possess the ability to work with AI. Data Analysts would need AI tools to communicate their insights; Cyber security professionals would need AI to analyse traffic and spot potential attacks.

Therefore, augmenting skillsets, tools and platforms with AI capabilities would be highly crucial for businesses and tech talents to stay on top of emerging business and tech trends in 2023 and in the following years.

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Tech Skills Jobs will be in High Demand in 2023 and Beyond!

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