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Banking and Finance Staffing Services in 2022

In 2022, Singapore is expected to pick up pace as a financial hub, and the nation’s financial sector is poised to enjoy robust broad-based growth across banking, insurance, fund management and payment services. Along with this, financial institutions will experience unprecedented growth in digitalisation and the adoption of technologies.

To fuel this phenomenal growth, financial institutions will add headcount, and pay increment will rise by as much as 40%. The banking and finance sector, however, has an acute shortage in specialist talents, particularly in fintech. With the expected strong growth in finance services, existing employees will be on the lookout for better career opportunities in the growing finance sub-sectors.

At Achieve Group, our banking and finance search and selection team has well established relations with finance companies that finance professionals can tap on to make transitions within and across verticals.

As a longstanding recruitment agency, our search and selection consultants have advanced targeting capabilities that companies can employ to attract specialist candidates with specific finance expertise. In addition to this, we have a deep network of well-established finance professionals who have the technical and commercial knowledge to support an organisation’s transformation and growth in Singapore’s post-Covid recovery.


This infographic illustrates the top 3 Reasons Banking & Finance Professionals job offer consideration in 2022


Top 3 Reasons that would cause Banking & Finance Professionals to leave their jobs in 2022

1. Change in the work environment.

2. Alternative exciting opportunities

3. Work-life balance

Most in-demand Banking & Finance jobs offered by Employers

  • Relationship Manager
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Product Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Private Banker
  • Trade Finance Manager
  • Treasury Officer
  • Credit Analyst

Most in-demand Banking & Finance jobs sought by Jobseekers

  • Relationship Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance Analyst


source : Achieve Group, 2022 Staffing & Salary Insights.


Banking & Finance Sector Singapore 2021-2022 Salary Guide

Job Title Salary Range (per month)
Relationship Manager S$3,000 – S$6,000
Loan Officer S$2,500 – S$3,000
Customer Service Officer S$2,500 – S$3,500
Product Manager S$5,000 – S$7,000
Compliance Senior Officer S$5,000 – S$7,000
Private Banker S$5,000 – S$7,000
Business Development Manager S$3,000 – S$4,000
Finance Manager S$5,000 – S$7,000
Trade Finance Manager S$5,000 – S$7,000
Treasury Officer S$3,500 – S$5,500
Credit Analyst Senior Officer S$5,000 – S$6,000
Operations (Settlements) Officer S$3,000 – S$6,000
Deputy Head (Financial Institutions and Capital Market) S$10,000 – S$12,000
Internal Auditor S$4,000 – S$8,000
Loan Admin Officer S$3,500 – S$5,000



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