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Manufacturing, Electronic Sectors Staffing Services in 2022

In 2021, the manufacturing sector in Singapore grew by 12.8 per cent and was one of the best performing sectors. All through 2022, the manufacturing sector is expected to enjoy a positive business outlook with higher levels of production. Of these, the electronics cluster has the most optimistic outlook, with robust demand expected from the 5G market, cloud services and data centres.

In anticipation of the higher levels of production, a majority of manufacturers will require a larger workforce. Technicians, engineers and managers with specialist skills will be highly sought after. Consequently, competitive remuneration packages, employee benefits and career progression opportunities will be increasingly important to attract and retain talents.

At Achieve Group, we have experienced engineering and managerial talents who are specialised in the disciplines needed to support the growth in the manufacturing sector.

As a longstanding recruitment agency, our manufacturing search and selection team has the capability to carry out precise skills-based targeting in attracting specialist candidates and our consultants are adept in facilitating accurate profiling to bring onboard the talents that manufacturing companies need to support the organisation’s growth.


This infographic illustrate the top 3 Reasons Manufacturing Professionals job offer consideration in 2022

Top 3 Reasons that would cause Manufacturing Professionals to leave their jobs in 2022

  1. Limited or no progression in career.
  2. More attractive offers from competitor companies.
  3. Restructuring / retrenchment due to cost cutting or corporate changes.

Most in-demand Manufacturing jobs offered by Employers

  • Senior / Manufacturing Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Senior / R&D Engineer
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Manufacturing / Development Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior / Buyer
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Process Engineer

Most in-demand Manufacturing jobs sought by Jobseekers

  • Senior / Manufacturing Engineer
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Senior / Buyer


Manufacturing Industry Singapore 2021-2022 Salary Guide

Job Title Salary Range
(per month)
Senior / Manufacturing Engineer S$4,500 – S$8,000
Software Engineer S$4,500 – S$6,500
Design Engineer (Mechanical / Electrical) S$4,000 – S$7,000
Senior / R&D Engineer S$4,500 – S$8,500
Supply Chain Planner S$4,000 – S$7,000
Manufacturing / Development Engineer S$3,500 – S$5,000
Automation Engineer S$4,500 – S$6,500
Field Service Engineer S$4,000 – S$6,000
Assistant Engineer S$2,400 – S$3,500
Buyer S$4,000 – S$6,500
Production Manager S$5,000 – S$8,000
QA Manager S$7,000 – S$9,500
R&D Manager S$7,500 – S$10,000
Factory Manager S$8,000 – SS12,500
Senior Manager (Manufacturing & Operations Engineering) S$11,000 – S$16,000


source : Achieve Group, 2022 Staffing & Salary Insights.



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