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Investing even in troubled times

The Business Times, 29 Aug 2011

This week’s topic: Where should the average consumer put his or her money in these volatile times? What should those who are already invested in the markets do now?

DUE to all the volatility in the market, I feel that it is best to conserve cash right now. Personally, I would even cash out my positions now.

Then, when the economy is a little more settled, investors may want to re-enter the market, just as Warren Buffett does when stock prices are low.

For those who are already invested, what they should do depends on their investment profile and how they foresee things panning out in the future. Do they feel that they should hold their positions, or do they expect more volatility in the days to come? If it is the latter, they may want to consider before re-entering the market at a later date.

Source: The Business Times, 29 August 2011