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Rallying The Nation

The Business Times, 22 Aug 2011

This week’s topic: What in your view were the key messages from the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally speech? What did he say that connected most with you personally as a business leader?

BEING an established player in Singapore’s recruitment industry, issues pertaining to employment and human resources have a great impact on our business. Thus, the announcement that the qualifying salary levels for foreigners holding Employment Passes will be increased is certainly newsworthy for us.

The government wants Singapore to be a very progressive society, so engaging foreign talent will help to keep our GDP growing in the years ahead.

It is very clear that the government is trying to do a delicate balancing act between addressing the needs of Singaporeans while maintaining the country’s competitive position in the global marketplace. Communication is important- they need to inform the people about why they are doing this. PM Lee has done this.

Source: The Business Times, 22 August 2011.