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Chan Chun Sing comment in Singapore Parliament
22 January 2020 Posted by webadmin


Our CEO Mr. Joshua Yim shared his views in response to Minister Chan Chun Sing’s remarks in Singapore Parliament on the first week of January, 2020. Read about it : Mr Chan is absolutely right in citing that it is not a competition between Singaporeans versus PRs versus foreign talents in job placements, but Team […]

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3 September 2019 Posted by webadmin

4 Tips to Impress Employers and Recruitment Agencies in Singapore!

This video interview with Mr. Joshua Yim, CEO of Achieve Group, is a continuation of the interview with ‘Hangout with ST’ in June 2019. With his decades of experience in Singapore recruitment, he is going to elaborate more on the tips he shared in the show, and insights on how you can stand out among […]

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2 May 2018 Posted by Achieve Group

ACHIEVE 27th Anniversary D&D

ACHIEVE Group celebrated our 27th Anniversary at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore with a Chinese mythical theme titled as “Chinese Legendary”. The event turnout was spectacular with all our staff all dressed up flamboyantly for this special affair. We have our CEO, Mr. Joshua Yim, the master impersonator appearing as preeminent Justice Bao at the event […]


14 December 2016 Posted by achieve-admin

Rolling good times on our 26th Anniversary

ACHIEVE Group celebrated our 26th Anniversary with a rolling good time at Novotel Singapore Clark Quay. With our vision, “Shaping careers, impacting lives, one person at a time!”, we are committed to sharpen our clients’ competitive edge by giving them our best HR services; optimize the full potential of our candidates by fulfilling their career […]

1 September 2016 Posted by achieve-admin

Our candidate Mr. Goh highlighted by PM Lee Hsien Loong!

Mr. Goh Yew Cheong Desmond, a candidate of Achieve Group, has been mentioned by PM Lee Hsien Loong on National Day Rally Speech 2016 on 21 August 2016! Mr. Goh had been working with a construction company but he was retrenched due to the business downturn. To support his family, Mr. Goh took up the […]

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18 November 2014 Posted by achieve-admin

More Green, Less Waste

In this edition of the Views from the Top column, the topic was on how green are the organisation’s business practices and what can be done to make Singapore a ‘car-lite’ and zero-waste nation. Here are some suggestions from Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim as quoted in The Business Times: “Being in the professional services […]

30 October 2014 Posted by achieve-admin

Why Job Competition From Foreigners Is Good For Singapore

It is no secret that many Singaporeans have been complaining about the phenomenon of foreign Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) taking away their job opportunities in the local employment scene. After months of debate and taking into consideration feedback from the ‘Our SG Conversation’ national dialogue sessions, the government rolled out the Fair Consideration Framework […]


13 August 2014 Posted by achieve-admin

Will The National Jobs Bank End Up A White Elephant?

Will the new National Jobs Bank serve its purpose of encouraging employers to consider Singaporeans fairly for job opportunities? Or will it end up a white elephant and a waste of the country’s resources? That is the question on most employers’ minds as there are mixed views on just how effective the new Jobs Bank […]

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