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8 January 2014 Posted by achieve-admin

Achieve Hiring Trends Report In ST & BT

The Hiring Trends Report 1H 2014 by Achieve Group was featured in The Straits Times and The Business Times on 8 January 2014, with the respective headlines: “Polls: 7 in 10 seek new jobs, but hiring is slowing” and “Salaries seen rising 3-5% but hiring outlook clouded”. The articles reported the findings of the survey […]


3 January 2014 Posted by achieve-admin

Vendors Of The Year 2013

The Achieve Group was once again voted amongst Singapore’s top human resource firms in the annual Vendors of the Year 2013 award by Human Resources magazine. These are Achieve Group’s rankings in the following categories: Here are some excerpts from the article based on an interview with Achieve Group CEO, Joshua Yim: #9 in ‘Preferred […]

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11 November 2013 Posted by achieve-admin

Gearing Up For New Challenges In 2014 – Recruitment Agency Perspective

With the new year around the corner, companies are planning for the year ahead. Here’s Achieve CEO Joshua Yim’s assessment of the business climate in 2014 and what he expects to be the top business challenges, as quoted in this article in The Business Times: “Taking a macro view of major economic trends, it is […]

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21 October 2013 Posted by achieve-admin

Looking Forward To Next Year

As we near the end of 2013, business leaders are looking ahead and making plans for the year to come. Achieve CEO Joshua Yim shared his expectations for Singapore’s economy, the region and the rest of the world in 2014, as quoted in this The Business Times article on 21 October: Based on the latest […]

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16 October 2013 Posted by achieve-admin

Fair Consideration Framework: A Win-Win For Job Candidates & Employers

The new Fair Consideration Framework has evolved based on feedback from the ‘Our SG Conversation’ national dialogue sessions with the Singapore population comprising working adults and the PME group in question. Many Singaporeans felt that they had not been considered fairly for some of these PME jobs and were losing out to competition from foreign […]

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2 September 2013 Posted by achieve-admin

Creating A Wider Safety Net

CEO Joshua Yim was prominently featured in The Business Times’ Views from the Top section on 2 September 2013, as he offered his take on the new MediShield Life national healthcare programme and how it should be funded. He said: “While the proposed changes to MediShield Life is overall a great initiative, I feel it […]

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26 August 2013 Posted by achieve-admin

Onward, Singapore!

Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim was quoted in The Business Times’ Views from the Top column on 26 August 2013 as he shared his take on the policy changes announced during the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally. He said: “The policy changes that strike me most are in the areas of housing and healthcare. In […]

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8 July 2013 Posted by achieve-admin

Handling Volatility

Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim was quoted in The Business Times’ Views from the Top column on 8th July 2013 on the biggest dangers currently facing the financial markets, his opinion on how they can be alleviated, and what businesses and individual investors can do to protect themselves. He said: “I believe the biggest potential […]

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