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Achieve Group celebrates its 30th anniversary!

From August 2020, Achieve Group will be celebrating its 30th anniversary year on the founding of the company!

As the founder and leader of the organization, I have many sentiments as the company commemorates its 30th anniversary especially in the midst of an unprecedented challenging times of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Yet at this bittersweet moment, I cannot but count the many blessings the company had received and milestones achieved over these many years of its journey.

Having survived through many recessions; winning multiple awards & publicity thereafter, having a passionate team of 70 people & leaders in both Singapore and Malaysia working alongside me; and a string of faithful clients supporting us through thick and thin. I am honored and also humbled by all these accomplishments.

However, on further reflection, is the company really doing what it is supposed to do, answering to its calling, its mission to make a difference in people’s lives: ‘Shaping careers, impacting lives, one person at a time’?

On tabulating the numbers, we actually have more than 40,000 candidates, job seeker friends over these years who have gone through our offices in getting themselves a good job, enabling them to provide for their loved ones at home while offering them the opportunities to fulfill their career aspirations.

Among the many is the inspirational story of Mr. Goh, a 52 years old Singaporean gentleman feeling dejected and disillusioned after losing his job twice in a short span. He was very grateful when eventually he found himself a job through us with a lifesciences company as a technician. Interestingly, his encounter was picked up and highlighted by our Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong in his 2016 National Day Rally speech! (you can check out the video our team did depicting his story here).

At this juncture of COVID-19 situation when many people may be losing their jobs with livelihood in question, Achieve Group can definitely play its part being a part of team-SGUnited to make an impact to the lives of our fellowmen as a Singapore SME. That would make Achieve Group’s 30th Anniversary commemoration worthy with a significant cause, contributing a little bit to our community at this dark hour of crisis!

And all these can only be done because of the passionate people in our Achieve Group team, and I want to thank them all. Their unwavering commitment, hard work they had exhibited and resilience spirit is exceptional. Especially the leadership team who had put in so much for the betterment of the company. The company is very blessed to have them as a part of the team and I am extremely proud of them. Thank you for believing in me and trusting my leadership over these years!

I also want to thank you, our clients, for giving us the opportunity to serve you that you entrusted us with your needs (many of you literally grew up with the company and I, and had supported me over these many years; I really cherish these precious friendships we had forged). Really appreciate all your kindness! And I promise to have my team help you hit your KPIs and make you look good in front of your bosses, so that you will be indeed able to fulfill your career aspirations! 😀😀

Candidates friends whom believed and entrusted us with your careers even though due to human discrepancies, we may not always able to live up to all your expectations from time to time, (we are really not perfect, having shortcomings too 😂😂) but surely we can do better in the days ahead as you continue the journey with us. I want to wish you all great prospects ahead despite these challenging times; with a resilient spirit and adaptive mindset, there will be a bright future waiting for us all!

Our business partners, vendors who had been assisting us relentless all these while with our demanding needs. Thanks for your help that we could serve our customers and the community effectively. Kudos guys!

Finally, I want to thank the Lord God who had been watching over and protecting the company through these many years. It has been a long long journey of 30 years, filled with tears and toils, pain and challenges, but also joy and fulfillment marked with milestones and achievements. I cannot see Him but I could feel His hands of love and grace at work through the works we are doing every day. All glory and honor unto Him!

Till we meet in better times, may I wish you all good health, fulfilling careers and living impactful lives daily. That our short stay on this earth count!

Joshua Yim
Achieve Group