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SCAM NOTICE – Achieve Group’s Consultant in India

If you receive an unexpected email or call from someone purporting to be an Achieve Group’s Consultant in India, be wary as this could be a scam.

Achieve Group recently have been receiving inquiries from candidates in India that they have been offered placement to go to Singapore or other countries to work. Some of them even received confirmation letters with Achieve Group’s logo and have asked or requested candidates to provide some personal information like bank details and etc. for the purpose of finalizing the job placement.

Please be informed that ACHIEVE Group do NOT have any association or business dealing in India as of current and ACHIEVE Group does not have any business operations or sub-office in India nor do our consultants corresponds with our candidates or clients with Consultant’s private or Gmail email accounts during recruitment especially releasing official documentation or recruitment details such as confirmation letter or acceptance of job position. Each of our Consultants corresponds with candidates and clients using email address ending with As such, if you receive any caller or sender whom happened to claim and represent ACHIEVE Group’s Consultant and informed you that you are successfully placed for job a position with a confirmation letter which does not contain our company’s email address (, please do not trust the caller or sender as it could be a scam. Do also note that ACHIEVE Group do NOT collect any form of payment from candidates for the purpose of coming to Singapore to work.


  • Be wary of calls from people claiming to be Consultants of Achieve Group, especially those of foreign countries other than our offices in various countries as shown in our corporate website
  • Know that official agencies would not ask you to make payments over the phone or email of any kind
  • Be suspicious of callers or senders who don’t give you enough information about themselves to verify their identity


  • Do not follow the caller or sender’s instructions
  • Refrain from giving bank details, credit card numbers, OTP codes from tokens or passport numbers to strangers over the phone or emails

For Singapore:

  • If you have any information related to such crime, please call the Police hotline at 1800-255-0000, or submit the information online at
  • Call ‘999’ if you require further Police assistance

For oversees:

  • You may wish to report this to your local Police or relevant authorities