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Views from the Top, October 23, 2017

In this edition of Views from the Top published in The Business Times on 23 October 2017, Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim shared his thoughts on what could the business community expect with the rising economic power of China.

We witness how China had such a global influence when their slowdown couple of years back dragging down the world’s GDP growth.

Yet China pull off it’s near recessionary plunge to have the world witnessing yet another exciting economic growth vision, the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative.

This strategy will not just create business opportunities from infrastructure building to a whole host of related investments but eventually enhancing enormous trade for the entire world as it bears fruits at its completion.

The Central Communist Party upon President Xi’s appointment also demonstrated steadfast determination to eradicate corruption which he did, despite experiencing slowdown from over-capacity then. This is an extremely important step forward if China wants it be recognized as a country that commands respect with moral standing.

With the past 40 years of tract record in economic reformation and visionary plans in place, the business community should have reasons to be excited as China emerge to become even stronger in the world stage, creating desired economic value not just for itself, but the entire world through sheer political will within the non-contesting one party governmental system.

Joshua Yim, CEO of Achieve Group