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Views from the Top, August 15, 2016

In this edition of Views from the Top published in The Business Times on 15 August 2016, Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim shared his view on what needs to be done to counter the growing terror threat in Singapore and the region.

A terrorist plot to attack Singapore from Batam Island was unexpected. Its foiling serves a real wake-up call to all of us.

As we function in our comfortable citadel, we should and cannot take things for granted for terrorists are real and will happen to us.

In wake of this incident, it is imperative to educate the public and heighten terrorism prevention in order to ward our country and community against these schemes.

Our National security teams, in cooperation with the International league of anti-terrorist forces, augment our efforts towards acting against these brutal units who create havoc in our civilized world. However, stakeholders ought to do their part in educating their employees about how to manage and take measures against such acts.

Mr Joshua Yim,

CEO, Achieve Group