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InvestHK: From Good to Great

Our Director of Talent Acquisition, Madeline Ng, has relocated to Hong Kong from Singapore, was recently interviewed by InvestHK and the interview is published in the InvestHK Bimonthly Newsletter, July 2016. She was invited to attend the “New Foreign and Mainland Companies in Hong Kong “; organized by The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It was held at the Government House (White House), picture taken with the Chief Executive Mr C Y Leung (行政长官,梁振英).

Quoted from Madeline Interview:“Hong Kong is an important economic and financial centre. As our organisation grows, we are naturally drawn to Hong Kong and beyond that, to Mainland China. A presence in Hong Kong will give us a good visibility in Mainland China, which is our next strategic target. Our immediate goal is to leverage on the strong relationships we have with multinational corporations in our home market. This will trickle down to local firms as well, thanks to the great talent we are hiring for our Hong Kong office.”

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Event photos from the “New Foreign and Mainland Companies in Hong Kong” event.

1. Group photo with the invited guests for the event


2. Picture with the Guest of Honor, Chief Executive Mr C Y Leung


3. The Signing ceremony endorsed by Madeline Achieve Group