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The Next 50 Years

In this edition of Views from the Top published in The Business Times, August 17, 2015, Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim shared his views on the topic on what should be the main issues of focus in the 2015 National Rally on Aug 23.

As Singapore becomes more complex and sophisticated, there are four areas I hope the Prime Minister will address during the National Day Rally.

Even as many Singaporeans found Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee’s words offensive, many others also recognized that it is their right to speak out. I hope to hear our government’s plans to keep pace with our youth’s desire for greater freedom of expression and commitment to human rights.

More and more migrants are pouring in – necessarily – to fill the gap created by the dwindling birth rate, even as tensions rise between locals and foreigners. I would like to know what steps the government will take to better assimilate our migrant population.

In a global economy, Singapore needs to attract global corporations, which bring with them many expatriates. Yet, younger Singaporeans feel locals should always be put first. I hope PM Lee will address how we can change the sense of entitlement attitude of our youth, especially when the competition is intensifying in East Asia.

Lastly, the Rally should lay out the roadmap for Singapore’s continued progress into the next 50 years, against a backdrop of myriad challenges, including greater interconnectivity in the world and higher global standards in environmental sustainability.

Source: The Business Times, 17 August 2015