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Towards Service Par Excellence

It is indeed not our natural DNA within us Singaporean with the service attitude. Yet, our national carrier, Singapore Airlines is an interesting example of a home grown organization and a leading airline with excellent service standard that is renown throughout the world.

In the past decades, SIA has deliberately crafted a service culture through aggressive training and building a service mind-set which had delivered great flying experience to customers against the natural traits of Singaporean. SIA is indeed a shining example for not just organizations but even a national that we could take a leaf from.

Singapore based organizations desiring great customer service experience should emphasize the importance of a service culture from leadership level down to the ground delivery individuals with strategic training programs and interventions.

On the different plane I believe Singapore as an organization would be able to change its service DNA but it will require clear strategy , mechanism and determination to create a consistent service-oriented culture.

Being a visitor to Hong Kong for the past few decades, the whole nation had literally transformed. From a ‘far-from-desirable polite’ country many years ago to one that is thumbs up of its service level experienced by locals and tourist alike. The government sector took the lead with national wide companies co-driving to improve the service level over these years. Should Singapore also embark on this journey?

Source: The Business Times, 7 June 2015