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CEOs Budget Wish-List

In this edition of Views from the Top published in The Business Times, Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim shared his views on the top issues he wishes to see addressed in Singapore’s 2015 Budget to be revealed on 23 February:

“With Budget 2015, I would like to see the government continuing to help SMEs in Singapore because it is still very tough for many that are coping with economic restructuring. In particular, I would like to see the Wage Credit Scheme extended, as it was a very beneficial initiative that helped a lot of companies especially in view of the tight labour situation. The scheme will end in 2015, with the final yearly payout in March 2016 so I hope the government would consider continuing this programme. As it is getting tougher to do business in Singapore, it is imperative that companies extend their business beyond Singapore and into the region. It is a well known fact that Asia presents the most opportunities now so I do also hope that IE Singapore could look into offering greater incentives to motivate companies to go into the neighbouring countries in Asean, China and the rest of Asia-Pacific. Achieve Group, for example, is now going into China and if IE Singapore can offer more incentives than the present assistance, it would be very good for all of us.

I also wish to see a continuation of initiatives and assistance to reach out to the needy and disadvantaged within our society. In line with the tenet that Singapore wants to build a nation with heart, there should be more impetus to engage corporates to help the poor. Rather than just relying on NGOs to carry out such work, it would be great if there is a mechanism to empower the various units of society, from corporate entities to religious organisations and clubs, so that everybody can work together in the direction of social care and concern, thus strengthening the social fabric of Singapore.”

Source : The Business Times, 19 January 2015