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Interest Rate Impact

In this Views from the Top column in The Business Times, the topic was on how the ultra-low interest rate environment has affected businesses over the past five years. Achieve Group CEO Joshua Yim comments on this and the impact of an eventual hike in US interest rates:

“The ultra-low interest rate environment has brought more liquidity to the Asia-Pacific and we have witnessed a surge in asset prices along with greater investments in the region, resulting in economic growth and heightened manpower needs. This has certainly boosted our talent acquisition business over the past four to five years.

With the retreat of quantitative easing (QE), reverse flow of liquidity to the US will occur, but it will not leave a severe dent on our economies in East Asia. The impending cessation of QE was already announced about half a year ago but it had been delayed till now.

So as it materialises, much of the reactions would have been discounted, and are not likely to cause a shock to the markets. I believe that Asia will continue to be a hive of economic activity but perhaps the pace may just slow down a little. Asset prices may experience a minor fall but it will not be drastic.

Overall, I don’t foresee the eventual hike in US interest rates having a big impact on our market as Asia is still the global growth engine and we will continue to see a lot of manpower requirements from businesses and this will benefit our industry.”

Source : The Business Times, 20 October 2014