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National Issues

In this edition of the Views from the Top column published in The Business Times, Achieve CEO Joshua Yim offered his views on the key issues he wished to see addressed in the National Day Rally on Aug 17: 

“This National Day Rally, there are a few issues I wish to hear the Prime Minister address. The first concerns the social fabric of Singapore. Of late, there have been many differing opinions and perspectives from various camps on a host of different matters that underpin social norms and values.

I hope the PM can offer his opinion on these phenomena as we progress as a society against a conservative background, and how the country could steer its course to avoid extreme polarising situations, which might be to the detriment of society.

I believe PM will also talk about what is close to our hearts – the basic needs of all, specifically relating to health care, housing, and cost of living. With Singapore’s ageing population, I wish to hear from him about his view of the outlook of a typical Singaporean retiree’s life, in terms of financial wellbeing and medical care.

I would also like to hear how he intends to address the issue of Singapore’s ageing population, given the phenomenon of fewer marriages and a shrinking local core on the horizon, which makes the country unsustainable in the long run.

I hope that the PM will also address the attitudes of the younger generation of Singaporeans.Globally, Gen Y has been getting a bad reputation for their attitude so I would like to hear how, as a country, we can help inculcate in our younger people a better attitude. These are the future leaders of Singapore and we need to ensure they are not only moulded for material success but also with the right values.

And as our country approaches its 50th anniversary next year, I also want to hear about the PM’s vision for the next phase of Singapore’s growth story, beyond the next general election. How will Singapore society evolve and sustain itself in the next 50 years?”

Source : The Business Times, 11 August 2014