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Singaporeans In Demand By Employment Agencies In Singapore

Due to the recent spate of policies curbing the inflow of foreigners into Singapore’s workforce, employment agencies Singapore have been experiencing an uptick in clients’ demand for Singaporean and Permanent Resident (PR) workers.

The results of recent industry surveys and our daily dealings with clients confirm this. We understand that more than half of our clients have been actively looking to fill positions with Singaporeans and PRs for the past few months. We foresee that this situation will persist at least until the end of this year, as businesses continue to adjust to the latest foreign worker policies.

As one of the leading homegrown employment agencies in Singapore, we believe the jobs market will be buoyant for the rest of 2013 and it will be an employees’ market in favour of Singaporeans and PRs. This will probably spell good news for all employment agencies in Singapore, as there will be a strong demand for recruitment services throughout the rest of the year.