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Vendors Of The Year 2012 Award

Despite being a recruitment agency, Joshua Yim, founder and CEO of Achieve Group, said one of the biggest challenges his company faced was the hiring of good consultants.

Externally, Yim is expecting 2013 to be tough because there will be the challenge of filling jobs with locals.

“The landscape of HR has shifted tremendously due to the tightening of the foreign manpower allowed for admission into Singapore’s workforce.”

But he is confident hiring and investment levels in Asia will remain high, bringing with it an increase in human resource management and development demand. “Thus, I foresee a very positive growth of HR-related services in the years to come,” Yim said.

Achieve’s success as one of only three recruitment providers in Singapore, qualified by SPRING Singapore to assist companies in the part-time placement pool programme, has also helped the firm maintain its ranking this year.

Source: Human Resources, Dec 2012