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Delivering A Unique Travel Experience

Achieve CEO Joshua Yim was quoted in The Business Times’ Views from the Top column on what new tourism concepts are needed to keep visitors coming to Singapore. Here is Joshua’s take on the topic:

“Singapore is a sophisticated city of knowledge and diversity. At this juncture of the country’s maturity, it is important to showcase the vibrancy, colour and diversity of Singapore beyond its reputation as a commercial or financial hub. Thus, I feel that exciting and colourful events are the way to go to keep visitors coming to Singapore. We have the exceptional Formula One (F1) Grand Prix that really puts Singapore on the world map while other events like the River Hongbao showcases the country’s rich cultural tapestry.

While these are great events, I believe we can further supplement Singapore’s calendar of events to add even more spectacle and keep attracting tourists throughout the year. I would advocate that we take our cue from Rio de Janeiro and Venice, and consider hosting our own equivalents of the world-famous Rio Carnival and Carnival of Venice masquerade ball that happen every year. And if Singapore could even stage a Mardi Gras festival, that would show the world that we truly are a city of diversity.

Finally, I believe that Singapore should aim to host the World Expo as we have all the necessary infrastructure within our MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) industry to pull it off. Held every five years, the last Expo in 2010 was in Shanghai and the next one will be in Milan next year. Dubai won the bid for 2020; so for 2025, why not Singapore?”

Source : The Business Times, 8 September 2014