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4 August 2016 Posted by achieve-admin

Life Sciences & Chemical Division

Achieve Group is reinforcing its strategically important Life Sciences and Chemical Division. With numerous natural advantages, a proactive government and a business-friendly regulatory framework, Singapore has established itself as a global hub in these fast-growing fields. Since the 1970s, the Chemical and Petrochemical sector has received billions of foreign investments, making Jurong Island a cluster […]

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30 November 2015 Posted by achieve-admin

Performance Appraisal : Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t make these common mistakes when giving performance appraisals. Performance Appraisal, Performance Review or Performance Evaluation. No matter how prettily you package these words, most employees are likely to have the same reaction: nervousness and tension. Let’s be honest, even the managers and supervisors giving the appraisals dread it. But companies still need to conduct […]

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2 June 2015 Posted by achieve-admin

Global Energy Division

As the world advances and economies developing, both new and prevailing energy would be the lifeline of its sustenance and progress. Thus, we are excited to announce our new recruitment unit, Global Energy Division in providing  professional resourcing and strategic recruitment solutions for companies within the Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Engineering and Construction […]

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13 January 2015 Posted by achieve-admin

Vendors Of The Year 2014

We are honoured and pleased to report that Achieve Group has once again ranked amongst the top 10 in the Vendors of the Year 2014 annual rankings by Human Resource magazine. According to the results released in mid-December, we have climbed in rankings in the following four categories: Thank you to everyone who voted for […]

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20 November 2014 Posted by achieve-admin

Unhappy Workers? The Buck Stops (Up) Here

Leadership means that the onus falls on bosses to ensure their employees are happy and engaged, says Joshua Yim, Chief Executive Officer, Achieve Group. Singapore workers are less than happy at work. This was the unsurprising finding of a recent survey released in mid November by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) together with a […]

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19 October 2012 Posted by achieve-admin

8 Rookie Errors To Screw Up The Hiring Process

Everyone knows that hiring the wrong individual will end up costing your organisation far more than their monthly salary. Here’s how you can ensure that happens by screwing up the selection process with these rookie errors. Thankfully, we also give you tips on how to cover all your bases. Get distracted Has this ever happened […]

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21 September 2012 Posted by achieve-admin

The Missing Link In Human Resource Development

Frustrated by disengaged employees and a disgruntled workforce? David Too, Senior Director of HR Consulting at Achieve Group discusses the missing ingredient in employee engagement – relationships at work. Despite all the buzz about employee engagement, the cold hard truth is that there remains a missing link in human resource development today.  The demise of […]

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