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What Clients Look For When Hiring an Employment Agency

Both employers and employees find it hard to decide to work with any recruitment agency within Malaysia. This is because they usually don’t know how to start sourcing for one or even how to approach one. The main factor is often cost for acquisition, but most people also consider trust when making such decisions. As an agency, you need to make it easier for those struggling with such a decision to find you and trust to start working with you. As such, you need to know what the clients are looking for so that you can meet their criteria.



Most people usually go to the internet to search for agencies. However, given a large number of agencies available, it will be challenging for the client to choose you. You need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, and one of the best ways of doing that is by providing depth. This means showing the potential clients that you’re capable and willing to go beyond the basics of providing the services they need. They need to understand that you can do more to help them find solutions to their needs.


Value for money

Everyone values their money and as such, they want to ensure that where they spend it is worth it, which stays true for the recruitment process. This is more important when it comes to recruitment agencies because recruitment is something they can do on their own, but they choose to hire you. Make sure you describe in detail how you’ll be able to provide them with solutions to their problems. If possible, define the processes you’ll use to get those employees and how you’ll assess them to ensure they are capable of working as they should. If you can prove that you can reach highly qualified candidates that they can’t, then you’ll have an advantage over other agencies.



Clients usually want to know that an employment agency is competent enough to forge a good relationship with the candidates to have the best placements. It’s important to remember that those candidates are also clients of the agency. Having a good relationship with them will, therefore, ensure that the placement processes go smoothly, with the results being the best possible outcome. Competency also means being meticulous about the process. As an agency, you show the client that you have a proper and thorough structure that you use to vet the employees before sending them over to the companies. When a client knows that you’re competent in your job, they’ll be more relaxed and will want to work with you. They’ll even go as far as building a long-lasting relationship with you by coming to you for subsequent placements instead of a one time hire.



When a company comes to you for a potential candidate, they want to have someone who is already capable of doing g their job. They are trying to avoid having to train the person all over again. If you give them someone who isn’t qualified, you’ll be ruining your reputation. The best thing to do is educate clients who are looking for employment to get them ready for placements.



The market keeps changing, and so are the needs of your clients. Employment processes also vary with other changes. Clients want agencies that already have the knowledge and expertise in recruitment. If you look like you don’t know what you’re doing, you won’t have any clients wanting to work with you. You need to expand your knowledge to other industries that you’re working with. Such knowledge will allow you to provide competent candidates for all sectors. This level of diversity will ensure that you get more clients.



Most clients usually want to build a long term relationship with one recruitment agency instead of hopping from one to the next every time they want to hire someone. This means that even if you’re a staffing agency, you should strive to build long term with your clients. The employees you provide should be able to offer to their maximum potential. They should also be able to show your commitment to the clients if you want to impress them.



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